You have questions, I have answers!


You have questions, I have answers!

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Do you offer more than just Wedding Makeup Services?
Absolutely! I offer makeup for all events such as photo shoots, film, fitness/stage competitions, private lessons and much more!

Are you licensed?

Yes, of course! I am a Licensed Esthetician in the state of Colorado. Legally in Colorado, you are required to be a licensed esthetician to offer any makeup services.

However, even before I got my license, I was deeply invested in my craft! I was certified while working for MAC Cosmetics and I attended makeup courses that certified me as well! I even took the Makeup by Mario Dedivanovic Masterclass! (Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist.)


How far in advance should I book my wedding?

There is no such thing as booking too early! I accept bookings as far as twelve months in advance and dates go fast. Although, I will do my best to accommodate last minute bookings, it’s best lock in your date as soon as possible! Your glam is ESSENTIAL on your big day!

How do I book you?

First, you will need to complete an inquiry form that you can find listed here to see if your date is available. While filling this form out, please be specific on how many services you would like to be quoted for, and the location of your wedding. I will then send you an estimate of the approximate cost of services you listed. Please keep in mind I do require a minimum of five makeup services for Friday-Sunday bookings. If at this point you decide to book me for your beauty services, we will then carry on in terms of filling out a contract and paying a retainer fee. This is what is going to reserve your wedding date! Once I have received both back from you, relax you have locked in a huge part of your wedding day and then it’s just the fun part left, getting all dolled up!

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Do you do hair as well?

I am able to do simple hairstyles, but I’m going to be completely honest with you makeup is my first and true love. However, I do work with a team of extremely talented hairstylists that will travel with me and make sure you and your bridal party get your desired look! You can book both services through me and not have to worry about finding another vendor.

Is airbrush really for me?

Again, I am going to be completely honest with you. Airbrush is beautiful, but it is not for everyone. I do offer this service, but it is an additional fee because it is an additional service. Applying airbrush does not mean your makeup will last longer than the manual application through the use of brushes and various applicators! Longevity and finish is based on products used in conjunction with the skill set of the artist applying the makeup. However don’t get me wrong it is gorgeous on the right skin, but we can determine if you are the right candidate once you’re in the chair.

What is a bridal trial?

A bridal preview or trial is basically a practice run of your wedding day glam. Although it is not required, I do HIGHLY recommend that all brides do one so not only do we get a chance to meet and feel out each other’s vibe, but more importantly you get an idea of what you’ll look like on the big day! It gives us a chance to make any adjustments to the desired look if needed as well as address any skin/hair issues with plenty of time before your big day. I would also recommend, if possible, completing bridal trials no less than 2-3 months in advance. I am available Monday-Thursday for bridal trials during peak wedding season, otherwise I’ll do my best to accommodate another day!

How should I prep for my trial/wedding day glam?

First and most importantly, please generously exfoliate the night prior to remove and dead/dry skin in order to provide a smooth clean, surface! I can hide discoloration, but I am not a magician, I can not hide texture! On the day of your appointment, please arrive with a CLEAN, moisturized face and avoid any product that has SPF higher than 15. Also, please make sure brows are groomed and all other unwanted facial hair is removed as well. 

As for hair please arrive with CLEAN, DRY hair. It is preferred to have zero product in it as it will be added by the stylist. If you have naturally curly hair, and are not planning to utilize your natural curl within the style, please paddle brush it dry and as straight as possible without using any other sources of heat (no flatirons or curling irons.) Please also arrive in shirts that can easily be removed without messing up the makeup or hair, and have photos saved and ready to view of the hairstyles you and your girls are wanting to recreate. These tips will ensure the timeline for your big day will run smoothly and most effective as possible!


Can you glam my entire bridal party?

Yes! On average I usually glam anywhere from five to eight women per event. If services exceed over 8 or we find ourselves on a time crunch, a second artist may be added. Typically on the wedding day, everyone is on a 40 minute schedule, with the exception of the bride having an hour followed by touch ups at the end if needed. Take into consideration, makeup does take more time than hair and more dramatic, detailed looks may take a few extra minutes.

Can you get us ready at two separate locations?

Although I am here for the needs of your wedding day, I do suggest to choose one location to perform services. By the time I pack up all of my product, which is A LOT plus break down my chair and lighting, travel from point A to point B, and then set everything up again we end up loosing a lot of valuable time. Keep this in mind when booking the venue, because you may not need as many "additional hours" at the venue as what you thought! Most of the time, bridal parties get ready at a hotel or an Airbnb close to the venue and it’s usually way cheaper!

Can you stay for touch ups?

I do offer this service, however I do include a window for touch ups in your timeline after everyone is complete. So please mention this at the time of booking so I can properly quote you for additional time. I am happy to stay until after the ceremony or pictures to help with any touch ups that may be needed. Price will depend of the number of additional hours needed. The time starts from when the last service is finished.

Do you have an early morning fee?

Yes. For any service requiring an arrival time prior to 8:00 am, an early morning fee will apply. For an arrival prior to 6:00 am overnight accommodations must also be provided. 

Do you have an additional artist or assistant fee?

Yes. If services exceed Bride + 7 attendees or if you have a short window to get ready, there will automatically be an additional second artist added. This rate is $150 per artist.


Do you offer “Eyes Only” Service?

I do not offer “eyes only” services, as I feel like my makeup application isn’t finished if I just stop at the eyes! If you’re a natural girl and are not used to wearing a full face, "eyes only” may seem ideal. Wrong. Professional photography will completely wash you and believe me it doesn’t look good. The pictures you see in my portfolio would not appear the same if they did not have the complete application including contour and highlight. You won’t regret booking the full-face application – I promise!

What Brands do you use in your kit?

I use a wide variety of brands such as: MAC, NARS, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Makeup Forever, Laura Mercier, Too Faced, Artist Couture, Tarte and many more. Believe me your face will last into the next day!

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If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to reach out via email: angelicaglobeauty@gmail.com 

The glam life is a busy life, please allow 24 - 48 hours for a response

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